Getting Help When You Have Lost All Hope During COVID-19

There’s an alarming new trend that has developed as this COVID-19 pandemic tends to continually evolve – the mental health hotlines are reporting a dramatic and unusual spike in calls.

It has been reported that a federal emergency hotline meant for people who are emotional distress had registered above 1,000 % spike in the month of April, as compared with this very period of time las year.

The coronavirus pandemic is a global crisis that’s causing heightened anxiety and stress for all people, especially those people who are affected directly by the illness, reduction in income, loss of job, or inability to do what they’d normally do, such as attending school, suggests a primary care provider Las Vegas. There is an increased sense of depression and hopelessness.

While such feeling could a rather normal kind of response to stressors, when such feeling continues for an extended period of time, then it can evolve into a sign of mental health issue.

Here are some signs and symptoms that indicate that environmental stress and anxiety has evolved into a substantial mental health issue, in which case one would be required to consult experts in behavioral health Las Vegas:

  • Significant amount of changes in one’s energy level
  • Abnormalities in sleep, like sleeping excessively or trouble falling asleep
  • Prolonged and significant changes in appetite
  • Changes in one’s ability to concentrate

These are the physical signs that environmental anxiety and stress has taken the form of depression or some other mental health concern, and it has started affecting one’s brain chemistry, and this indicates that intervention is needed.

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