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Getting Help When You Have Lost All Hope During COVID-19

There’s an alarming new trend that has developed as this COVID-19 pandemic tends to continually evolve – the mental health hotlines are reporting a dramatic and unusual spike in calls. It has been reported that a federal emergency hotline meant for people who are emotional distress had registered above 1,000 % spike in the monthContinue reading “Getting Help When You Have Lost All Hope During COVID-19”

Why Is Telehealth So Important for Rural Healthcare Providers

There are numerous forms of telehealth which is a vital aspect of the healthcare IT. These include remote monitoring, live-interactive video-conferencing, storage-and-forwarding of imaging, and education of providers. A lot of different types of healthcare settings could benefit from telehealth service providers and technology. Telehealth could help rural healthcare providers from delivering better healthcare byContinue reading “Why Is Telehealth So Important for Rural Healthcare Providers”

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