Importance of Mental Healthcare Awareness

Mental disorder and illness affect nearly 19 percent of adult population, 46 percent of teenagers, and 13 percent of children every year. People who struggle with mental health illnesses might be a member of your family, your neighbor, your child’s teacher, or your co-worker.

However, only 50% of affected people actually receive proper treatment, often pertaining to stigma that is associated with mental health, suggests a mental health professional at the mental health clinics Las Vegas. Mental illnesses, when left untreated could contribute to a higher medical expense, poor performance at work and school, fewer opportunities for employment, and also increase the risk of suicide.

Although, the perception towards mental disorder has improved a lot over the past several decades, studies suggest that the stigma associated with mental illnesses is still quite powerful, largely pertaining to media stereotypes as well as lack of education; also, people often tend to attach some negative stigmas to the mental health disorders and conditions at much higher rater as compared to other disorders and diseases, such as diabetes, heart diseases, or cancer.

Here are a few things suggested by a professional care provider of behavioral health Las Vegas one could do to help:

  • Showing individuals acceptance and respect might remove barriers to successfully coping up with their mental illnesses and disorders.
  • Advocating within your circle of influence would help make sure that individuals with mental health conditions have the same opportunities and rights as any other member of community, school or church.
  • Learning more about the topic of mental health would allow you to provide help and support to people who are affected with mental illnesses and disorders.

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